Ken Diehl, PE - LEED, Director of MEP Group

Ken Diehl, P.E.

M/E/P System Replacement Design | Energy Conservation Analysis | Life Cycle Cost Analysis | Engineering Supporting to Performance Contracting

  • Mechanical:
    - HVAC / Plumbling Systems
    - Fluid Systems
    - Control Systems
    - Fire Protection
    - Chiller Retrofit / Replacement
    - Steam and Hot Water Boiler
    - Clean Rooms
  • Electrical / Power:
    - Power System Design
    - Instrumentation
    - Emergency Power Systems
    - DCS & PLC Based Control Systems
  • Lighting:
    - Site
    - Exterior / Security
    - Interior Dimming System
    - Bridge Lighting
  • Special Systems:
    - Public Address
    - Intercom
    - Security
    - Fire Alarm
    - Telephone and Data Distribution

Task Order: MoDOT “On-Call” A-E Facility Design Contract      

TapanAm was awarded a multi-year ‘On-Call’ A-E Design Contract by MoDOT in 2004. This M/E/P System upgrade to the District #1 headquarters building project is the first task order issued to TapanAm under that contract.

The MoDOT District #1 headquarters building is a 3-story building with over 15,000 sq. ft. of space. The task called for an HVAC, plumbing and electrical/lighting upgrade to the existing situation.

Mechanical: Gas-fired boiler for building heat and DX refrigerant cooling, Split-system indoor AHU, Pre-conditioned ventilation in office/classroom space and Radiant floor heating in maintenance bay.

208/120V Building distribution equipment, Perimeter grounding system, Fluorescent lighting in office/classroom space and HID lighting in maintenance bay

TapanAm’s design staff led by Ken Diehl, P.E., completed the initial condition survey of the equipment and studied the efficiency of the existing systems.

The existing HVAC system lacked localized temperature control in most offices, resulting in pockets of hot and cold areas throughout the building.

To correct this problem, old constant volume and multi-zone systems were converted to VAV using parallel-type fan powered variable air volume boxes equipped with hot water heating coils.

A new electrical service for the building was studied, specified and located. The existing electrical service for the building was actually from another building nearby that was scheduled for demolition.

TapanAm Associates provided quality design and construction documents…We look forward to working with TapanAm on future projects.

Doug Record
Facility Design Supervisor

MoDOT Facilities Group



Project Size:
15,000 sq. ft.


Approximate Cost:

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